‘Move’ your Building


In the event you have to “move” your entire building up/down in relation to the Project Basepoint, but still keep all of your levels in the same relationship to eachother, I’ve found the easiest way is to:

  1. Dimensions all level distances which should remain constant, and then lock those dimensions.
  2. Open your visibility graphics, and set your Project Basepoint to be visible.
  3. After making sure the project basepoint is inside your crop region (if the view is cropped), add a dimension string from one of your levels to the project basepoint.
  4. Finally, select the level that you’re dimensioning with the project basepoint, and click Activate Dimensions on the options bar. Once the dimension activates, select the blue text, change your distance and press Enter.

This make take some time based on the complexity of your model, but this is a safe way to “Move” your project without running into any warnings, especially for those of you using groups.

As a side-note, the project file I used this method with contained over 600 model group instances, and not a single warning was thrown.